AWT Technologies specializes in advanced wastewater treatment systems which use biological treatment processes to remove pollutants and impurities resulting in a high quality treated effluent. Advanced SBR and CBR systems with integrated control systems.

Blue Siren Inc. provides Cloud Enabled Wireless Data Monitoring Systems. With over 2000 units installed our capabilities range from flow monitoring to structural analysis. Our registered trade mark, Monitor with Vision describes our integrated camera technology. An optional vision port adds a new feature to remote monitoring, vision capability of what is happening at the time of an event is logged as well as data. Please visit our website or contact Grundeen & Associates for more information.


Charter Machine Company’s decades of manufacturing Belt Presses using Roediger Technology has an impressive line of products for the dewatering industry. Charter’s engineers use the most innovative technology available to ensure that we are providing superior dewatering equipment. Pilot and rental systems are available.

ClearStream Clarifiers and Rotary Distributors are built utilizing DBS Manufacturing equipment. ClearStream has commissioned, and is in operation at numerous locations all over the world. We are a leading supplier of superior process equipment, and pride ourselves in supplying innovative, high quality, and competitively priced equipment, with world class customer service and support.

CARBTROL manufactures activated carbon filters and activated carbon canisters for adsorption of organic compounds from contaminated water and air streams. A variety of high activity activated carbons are available to suit your application. All activated carbon adsorption equipment is designed for a low pressure drop.

DRYCAKE engineers, packages, delivers, installs, commissions and supports Inlet Works Screening and Grit Removal systems, Decanter and Disc-Stack centrifugal mechanical separation packages, solid waste systems thermal drying and evaporation technology, and conveyor systems.

Eastech Flow Controls is a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic flow and level measurement products. Founded in 1972 as a division of Badger Meter Inc., the Company was sold to Eastech Flow Controls in 2001 and now operates as an independent high technology group specializing in four areas of ultrasonic flow measurement: open channel level, open channel flow, closed pipe flow and flow in partially filled pipes.


Electro-Chemical Devices (EDC) is a manufacturer of liquid analytical process instrumentation.  Founded in 1977, EDC has been manufacturing quality instruments for the water, wastewater and industrial market.  EDC manufactures a complete line of sensors, meters and controllers. Please visit our website or contact Grundeen & Associates for more information.

FogRod manufactures a failsafe lift station level sensor that replaces floats, but with much less maintenance; way simpler than ultrasonics; and can't fail like pressure transducers. We are so confident in your satisfaction with our level sensor capability we encourage a no obligation free trial. See our website or details and video.

The treatment of contaminated air and water streams is our trade and passion. We carry an assortment of adsorption products such as, but not limited to granular activated carbon filters, carbon pellets, food grade activated carbon and even aquarium carbon. Being an expert supplier and manufacturer, we often make custom filtration systems, and supply transportable air filters, water pollution control barrels and the necessary carbon and charcoal for these units.

Gooch Thermal's core business is spiral heat exchangers. Our engineers have over 35 years of experience in spiral heat exchanger design, manufacturing, and application. This singular focus on a unique heat exchanger and our in-depth knowledge of heat transfer are the reasons behind our continued and growing success.

Since 1975, when we created the world’s first rubber membrane diffuser, Gummi-Jaeger has sold more than 12 million wastewater aerator diffusers and assemblies worldwide, including designing solutions for most U.S. and German OEMs. As the industry pioneer and leader, Gummi-Jaeger Aeration is the dependable, long-term, global supplier for aeration water treatment.

In-Situ Inc. is a leading manufacturer of in-situ (on-site) water monitoring instruments. For over 35 years, we have provided water monitoring markets with innovative solutions. We now offer our EPA Approved RDO® Technology in an optical DO sensor. This sensor is designed to save you time and money. No transmitter needed however is available, just wire directly into your PLC. With low cost of ownership and zero drift for up to one year this sensor is a true time and money saver.

International Valve Marketing has been servicing and marketing advanced air valve technology to the North American market since 1996. In its tradition of innovation and providing solutions to its customer base of municipalities, engineers and consultants we have developed significant advancements in water and waste-water air relief valves and odor control technology. Please see our website for our Vent-Tech Valve offering.


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Process instruments and Controls - Grundeen & Associates, Inc. works with several manufacturers of instrumentation equipment. Our expertise ensures the correct selection for your application. We offer all types of flow meters including open channel, closed pipes or insertion magnetic. Analytical instruments such as DO, pH, ORP and TSS and multi-parameter meters.

Serving the wastewater industry since 2004, Keen Pump Company, Inc. is a manufacturer of Submersible Sewage pumps for the residential, commercial, industrial and municipal markets.

When evaluating hydraulic rotary actuator manufacturers, The Kerry Company, Inc. is a preferred choice for many companies across a range of industry verticals. Our unique products are used in a wide range of applications including steel, mining, power generation and nuclear operations as well as utility services.

MAHR MASCHINENBAU was established in 1927 by Matthaeus Mahr. In the same year, the first Mahr bar screen was installed in the sewers of Vienna. It operated for 75 years and was replaced by a Mahr rotating bar screen in 2002. Since 1927, we have produced mechanical equipment for the waste-water industry and general hydraulic steelwork worldwide.

MAHR MASCHINENBAU was established in 1927 by Matthaeus Mahr. In the same year, the first Mahr bar screen was installed in the sewers of Vienna. It operated for 75 years and was replaced by a Mahr rotating bar screen in 2002. Since 1927, we have produced mechanical equipment for the waste-water industry and general hydraulic steelwork worldwide.

At Micronics Ltd we specialize in the design and manufacture of “Transit Time” ultrasonic clamp on non-invasive liquid flow meters. Using Transit Time and Doppler technology which utilize clamp-on transducers, we have a wide range of portable and fixed flow meters to suit almost any liquid flow requirement.  Combine one of our flow meters with a Heat Calculator and you have an Energy Meter that will help control your energy costs. Micronics flow products cover a wide spectrum of flow monitoring applications in many industries

NOVA Water Technologies, LLC’s™ mission is a simple one. Provide customers with innovative products, superior value, and the best support both before and after the sale. Our precision woven stainless steel filtration disc provides long life and superior fine particle removal within a small footprint design. The integrity of the effluent is assured resulting in performance optimization. We work with clients through the design stage, procurement phase, and ownership life cycle of our systems and equipment. We know our best reference for a new client is a satisfied current one.

NTT designs and manufacturers highest efficiency, modern integrally geared single stage turbocompressors for the aeration process focused mainly on the waste water treatment industry. We offer smart solutions in every aspect; from a passionate, experienced team.

Online Engineering of Cincinnati, Ohio has been supplying quality equipment to the wastewater treatment industry since 1988. Our products include valves, piping, gear boxes, aeration systems, telescopic valves, rotary sludge valves, scum skimmer pipes, swivel joints, swivel pipe assemblies, airlift pumps, diffusers, hoists and control systems. Many of our products are engineered and built to your specifications right in our factory, allowing us to provide customized parts to fit any application.

Pinch Valves, Slurry Pump Protection, Duck Bill Check Valves, Expansion Joints, Pressure Isolators

Parjana® Distribution is the industry’s top source for a green solution in water management and is a very powerful. We offer flexible and dynamic solution that can work along with gray or other green water management systems or independently. Parjana® Distribution is committed to providing customers with solutions for today’s needs in a green and sustainable way. The Parjana Energy-passive Groundwater Recharge Product (EGRP®) improves water infiltration and mitigation, by allowing water to travel and filter naturally back into the soil thus eliminating standing water and greatly reducing storm water runoff into nearby water bodies and collection systems.

Pulsair Systems manufactures high quality liquid tank mixing equipment that is customized to meet the needs and applications of our mixing customers. Our industrial tank mixing equipment allows our customers to mix, blend and agitate faster, using less energy making it the fastest and most efficient mixing process in the world. Puslair's air mixing solutions are available in a wide range of models and styles to suit our customer’s unique liquid mixing requirements regardless of the tank size, geometry and fluid characteristics.


Our product range includes blowers, vacuum pumps, compressors, air knives, motors, and systems. While many products are available for immediate shipment, Republic's in-house staff of engineers can design custom options to meet specifications necessary utilizing state-of-the-art software and machinery.

Robuschi, a brand of Gardner Denver, has been a global supplier in the wastewater treatment industry for over 70 years. With over 200,000 installations in over 50 countries our reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction is what keeps us on top. We will continue to be a global leader supplying compressors and oil free blowers, vacuum pumps and systems along with centrifugal pumps throughout the globe.

Serpentix Conveyor Corporation specializes in the design of continuous path conveyors. With its proven capabilities a single Serpentix belt can perform the work of multiple conventional conveying devices. You will be amazed at the capability of our design. Please visit our website to see us in action.

Large scale water infrastructure projects and plant operations face numerous threats such as vandalism or terrorism and be difficult to protect and monitor due to strict installation regulations, tight budgets and difficult to upgrade legacy systems already in place. Our customers demand seamless surveillance coverage, fire alarm system support and an easy way to manage security access permissions for employees and contractors alike. Shepherd Communication and Security is a leader in designing, implementing and managing complex security solutions for mission critical infrastructure facilities.

TRACOM is a manufacturer of fiberglass-reinforced plastics (FRP) buildings, shelters, flumes, manholes and weirs. Our products are engineered for a wide range of corrosive and abusive environments. Please see our website for a visual display of our quality manufacturing.

World Water Works, Inc. is an innovator in the wastewater treatment industry, driven to help industrial and municipal customers find wastewater treatment solutions that deliver clean water, perform better, recover resources and save money. We are a passionate, adaptable company that’s changing the world through expertly engineered products and technologies. We were founded in 1998, upon a mission that still stands today: to purify our future world environment.